The DevOps platform for Microsoft Developers.

AppSentrik combines the best source control, continuous integration & deployment products in the market to deliver a platform which enables DevOps Teams.

Why you need it

Don't compete, lead! AppSentrik enables you to crush your competition - focus on business value, embrace and adapt to change and get to market faster.

Get Productive

AppSentrik reduces time spent managing source control, continuous integration and deployment environments. Let us worry about that stuff. Let your team do what they do best - deliver applications.

Respond Faster

To remain competitive your business needs you to deliver change as quickly as possible. AppSentrik enables development, test and operations to rapidly develop and deploy applications.

Increase Quality

Your team needs to deliver code frequently and consistently and compromising quality is not an option. AppSentrik automated processes ensure that high-quality is not an after-thought.

Gain Visibility

Tracking project progress, understanding defects and time-to-release are key performance indicators for successful application delivery. AppSentrik provides this information quickly and effectively, ensuring you remain in control.

Reduce Fragility

AppSentrik enables you to embrace and adapt to change by allowing you to react quickly to planned and unplanned events. With change and adaptation your application can become more resilient to external factors.

Foster Collaboration

The DevOps mind-set encourages continual learning; through experimentation and collaboration. AppSentrik facilitates this be increasing and shortening feedback cycles throughout your application lifecycle.

How we do it

AppSentrik combines the best products in the industry to give you an awesome platform to manage your application lifecycle. We don't believe in reinventing the wheel. We've put four wheels together, added an engine and a lick of paint and are handing you the keys. Your turn to drive!



Powered by Atlassian Stash, our managed git-repo is simple to use and fully integrated with Atlassian JIRA allowing you to quickly relate fixed issues to code changes. We'll manage the platform, which means your free to develop.



Continuous Integration is powered by JetBrains TeamCity. Every code commit will trigger code compilation, automated test execution and more - all the things you need for a high-quality build process.



Powered by Octopus, our continuous deployment release management system enables you to deploy your applications automatically, frequently and reliably to any environment.



We believe that there's no better product than Atlassian JIRA for planning, building, and launching great apps. In AppSentrik, JIRA is integrated with each of the products, giving you great visibility across the platform.



AppSentrik can deploy your applications to any environment no matter where they are located. If you don't have development, test or production environments - don't worry - we offer hosting using our partner Rackspace.



Automation is key throughout your application lifecycle; from testing to deployment. Using OpsCode Chef we manage infrastructure-as-code and can help you manage your run-time enviroments in the same way.

What you get

AppSentrik combines the best source control, continuous integration and deployment products in the market to deliver a platform which enables DevOps Teams.

Market leading integrated products

We've taken the best development, continuous integration & deployment products and combined them to deliver an enterprise-class platform.

Development, test and Production environments

Run your application where you want it to run, in any environment. Private, hybrid, public cloud or dedicated infrastructure - the choice is yours.

Continuous Delivery, Agile & DevOps Support

AppSentrik facilitates Continuous Delivery, Agile and DevOps practices helping you deliver high-quality software with speed and agility.

Managed Support

Our experienced team are available to help you throughout your application lifecycle from source control best practice to deploying into public cloud.

Scales with your business

As your business and teams grow in size, AppSentrik will scale with you, ensuring that you have enough resource at the right price.

Hosted and Secure

Our platform is extremely secure and hugely scaleable and as a customer, you'll get your own dedicated platform instance which ensures your data is protected.



Perfect for small business

  • 25 Users
  • 30 build configurations
  • 3 build agents
  • 3 deployment projects
  • 250GB storage
  • 12hr support response

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Ideal for start-ups and small teams

  • 10 Users
  • 20 build configurations
  • 1 build agent
  • 1 deployment project
  • 100GB storage
  • 24hr support response

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Awesome for app builders

  • 25 Users
  • 40 build configurations
  • 3 build agents
  • unlimited deployment projects
  • 500GB storage
  • 6hr support response

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* Our platform is extremely secure and hugely scalable, but if you'd prefer to self-host then let us know. We'd be more than happy to install, configure and manage your on-premise solution and offer you the same great support we offer all our customers. Contact us for more information and pricing.